How it Works:

Fast Cash Trading Center Buys and Lends based upon a percentage of resale value of the product being considered. We take may things into consideration, such as:


Is the product complete?
Are all the parts in tact?
Is the owners manual included?
Is the product clean or do we have to make it presentable?

Current Market Value:

What are similar items selling for Online in such sites as eBay?
Are there potential buyers for the product?
Are potential buyers local or will we have to ship the product to the buyer?

We also have to consider the current market prices for the product. Silver and Gold prices for example, will fluctuate throughout the day.


The value of diamonds, and precious metals like gold and silver are largely determined by their quality. Diamond merchants will use the combination of cut, color, clarity, and carat , known as the 4 C's to determine the value of a diamond. Similarly, Platinum, Gold and Silver values are determined by their purity. The open Market sets the price as shown above, while the quality determines the value.