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Fast Cash Trading Center, located in the beautiful lakes region of central New Hampshire, employs a simple practice that has been around since the beginning of human interaction. Whether trading for flint during the stone age, or for jewels to decorate the Egyptian Pyramids, trade has filled a need that was recognized nearly 150,000 years ago. Today our methods are a bit more sophisticated, but the concept remains very much the same. Simply stated, we fill a need for sellers to get cash for their items of value, and for buyers to purchase quality items at below wholesale prices.

In our store, located at 516 Laconia Rd, Tilton New Hampshire, we have a large selection of merchandise for sale. Everything from home electronics to tools for home owners and professionals. Our inventory turns over so often that it would be impossible to keep a current list of items on this web site, but we encourage you to contact us if you think we may be able to fill your specific need. You can also see a small selection of our items by clicking the link.

Of course, we are always willing to make you an offer for items you wish to sell. For obvious reasons, we cannot make offers without a visual inspection.